After all, some legislative holes remained unpatched. It seems that it is simply unprofitable for those in power. As soon as legal mayhem loses relevance, then the lawmakers will begin to issue laws aimed at retaining control over the captured. In fact, the priority of tasks will change: it will be necessary not to rob, but to protect.

The top-level invaders, besides the state, also include oligarchs and financial-industrial groups (FIGs). By and large, in our country, it is very difficult to imagine the separate existence of these three groups of invaders. In most cases, they have an interpenetrating structure (FIGs are being introduced into the state and vice versa, the oligarch also tries to create his own empire — a financial group — and win over the position of statesmen).

We can immediately say that regardless of the reasons why someone from this “great three” paid attention to your enterprise, it will be quite difficult to resist. Neither the law nor the state will side with an unknown entrepreneur who, by “happy” chance, turned out to be the owner of undervalued assets. Most likely, you will have to rely only on yourself to give a fitting rebuff to the invaders.

Next, in the table of ranks are investment companies and professional raiders (medium level). Their fundamental difference from each other is that the professional raider always works under the order using the customer’s funds, and the investment company can seize enterprises with its own money for its “promotion” (increase in value) and further resale.

The lowest level in the hierarchy of sinks is occupied by small invaders and amateur invaders. The small ones are usually referred to as novice raiders, but they have a chance to grow to professionals – this is just a matter of time. And the ranks of amateurs are constantly replenishing the companies for which grabs are not core activities. For example, one of the fruit and vegetable factories, occupying a fairly strong position in some local market (within one or two areas), it occurred to destroy a direct competitor by purchasing it. But for this, the aggressor decided not to attract professionals, but to act as his own peril and risk. So he became a player in the mergers and acquisitions market.

The statistics of unfriendly takeover processes shows that in 70% of cases, control over assets is transferred to new owners, which is evidence of the high professional level of the invaders and their hard work in preparing each takeover project. The remaining 30% consist of unsuccessful attacks by amateur aggressors or novice invaders. Also, some of the cases are captures, in which two or more raiders participated. In such a situation, there will always be a loser and a winning aggressor (the target company, in any case, remains the loser, and for its owners, it does not matter in principle who their assets went to).

Separately, I would like to say what prompted us to such a detailed description of various market players, for what it is needed. Depending on who attacked the enterprise, the owners should develop a plan for its protection. As we have said, anyone can venture on an enterprise, and each player prefers his methods to attack. Oligarchs and FIGs can successfully use the state administrative resource, while smaller players are not available. Nevertheless, the devil is not so terrible as he is painted.

Do not rush to give up the fight. Knowing the attacker in the face is one of the necessary conditions for developing a successful defense, and you shouldn’t introduce yourself into one more delusion: it doesn’t matter who attacked me, I’ll beat you and then figure out where your legs grow from. We must act with exactly the opposite. If you are not able to carry out a deep analysis of the situation on your own, do not do fortune telling on the coffee grounds, better turn to professionals. By the way, greed is another step to the edge of the abyss. Reflections in the style of “I pay a full-time lawyer, so let him clear up his debts,” can be very expensive (loss of control over assets). The lawyer will lose the maximum that is his job and reputation.

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